Mindful Minutes

Have you ever had one of those days when you simply refuse to do the things you know you should? I have lost 60 pounds in 6 months. I am reading books again. I have decluttered my room. I have started writing and investing my time in learning how to become the best version of me. 

Yet, my mind keeps trying to put me in a box. It says you are a step away from being who you used to be. It says look at how you hit the snooze alarm this morning even though you know that it causes sleep inertia. Look at your bank account. You haven’t accomplished anything. 
I say that’s bullshit. I am an overcomer. I am a victor. I have greatness coursing through my blood. I am a spirit of power, joy, and compassion. I exude love and lead men. Beautiful women love me and I love them. I have brilliant ideas. I was created with intense care and consideration. 

Negative thoughts are mental garbage. Let’s empty the trash. What do you say? You in?


Author: sammysplayers

I am trying to find as many experts as I can. I am interested in what all I can learn from other people!

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