One hundred eighty six dollars and eighty six cents. That’s how much money is currently residing in my checking account. 


 I have a bachelors degree from a well respected university. I am living in supposedly the greatest country in the world. I have charisma, intelligence, and no physical ailments. I can read. I can write. I can dream. But I’m lacking. Or feel I am.

I’m not though. I have a beautiful family that loves me. I have dropped 60 pounds. I have aspirations and goals. Yet. 

Laziness is a real foul mouthed gangster. He steals your time, motivation, and riches. He reels you in with promises of rest and relaxation. But it’s a sirens call. A trap. I know it. You know it. We all know it. Then why do our ships keep setting sail in his direction? 

Momentum is an interesting word and an even more unique concept. All it takes is a single step. One action and off it goes gathering steam. Momentum can be an incredibly beautiful tidal wave. Or a devastatingly brutal avalanche. 
We feed off momentum. It’s the lifeblood of success. It all starts with a single action. Laziness with all of his lovely songs and soft pillows is no match for momentum once she gets going. 

One step. One minute. Can change everything. 

FUCK YOU LAZINESS. I’m so over your shit. 

Step one. Do something. Step two. Focus. Step three. Momentum. 


Author: sammysplayers

I am trying to find as many experts as I can. I am interested in what all I can learn from other people!

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